PayPal account limit

Saya punya akun pp eh kena limit, sudah saya coba mengirimkan dokumen yang diminta tapi kok masih kena limit ya? Malah tidak ada opsi cara lepas limitnya sekarang.
Ini penampakan email nya :
Why is my account access limited? 
Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):
Aug 28, 2012: We noticed some unusual activity on a credit card linked to your PayPal account. As a security precaution to protect your account and credit card until we have more details from you, we've place a limitation on your account. (Your case ID for this reason is PP-001-967-ABC-DEF) Aug 28, 2012: We've noticed some changes to your usual account activity and need a little more information from you to help confirm your identity.
What can i do for this?
Harus cari teman yang bisa lepas limit ahh ... coba lihat-lihat para penjual jasa di beberapa forum internet marketing Indonesia. Bagaimana cara lepas limit pp ya?

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