Bye Bye Yahoo! Koprol

Membaca di ... Yahoo! Koprol akan menghentikan layanan per tanggal 28 Agustus 2012. Akuisisi Koprol tahun 2010 oleh Yahoo! menjadi hal penting di dunia teknologi informasi di Indonesia. Tetapi kini startup jejaring sosial berbasis lokasi yang diakuisisi Yahoo! harus mengucapkan salam perpisahan.

Berikut pengumuman resmi dari tim Koprol:

Yahoo! Koprol will be discontinued on August 28, 2012

Dear Koprollers,

The time has come to say goodbye to Yahoo! Koprol.

In line with Yahoo!’s focus on more quickly innovating with our core products and properties, over the coming quarters, we are shutting down or transitioning a number of products that did not meaningfully drive revenue or engagement. After carefully reviewing its product portfolio, Yahoo! has decided to discontinue Koprol effective 28th August, 2012.

You can export your profile, all your original posts, reviews, check-ins and images you have uploaded by going to 'Export Data' at

You may export your online data any time before August 28, 2012, however please note that you may only do so once. Once you have exported your data, any updates to your profile, original posts, reviews, checkins and images you upload onto Koprol thereafter cannot be exported.

For users who have created a Koprol Business Profile, you can save your profile, all your original posts and images you have uploaded previously, directly onto your computer.

Your Yahoo! account remains unaffected.

We thank all users that were a part of this community and hope that you will continue using our other leading edge Yahoo! products.

Yahoo! Koprol team

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